Time of Death

Two thieves infiltrate Kord Enterprises in broad daylight, with help from a third man, William Tockman. As the thieves move about the building, first dressed as executives and then as janitors, Tockman helps them time their movements so as to acquire the loot and avoid detection. Once they get what they came for, though, one of the thieves, Eddie Walczak, gets nervous about being out in the open and breaks away from the plan, resulting in a security guard getting killed and SCPD being called to the scene. Quentin Lance is among those to respond, immediately getting into a shootout with the thieves. Fleeing the scene, the thieves manage to get away by blending in with a group of protestors, the implication being that Tockman timed the break-in to coincide with the protest.

That night, in the Arrowcave, Felicity watches nervously as Sara spars with Oliver and Dig. When Dig accidentally lands a blow on Sara, it leads into a comparison of battle scars, leaving Felicity feeling a bit left out. She mentions a scar she has in her mouth from when she had her wisdom teeth removed, but is met with amusement from the rest of the team. Then, Oliver brings up the welcome home party he's throwing for Sara, telling Sara that they don't want to be late. Sara is reluctant to attend, but agrees on the condition that she and Oliver keep their relationship on the down-low for Laurel's sake. In an island flashback, meanwhile, Oliver, Sara, and Slade scope out Ivo's freighter, trying to figure out a way onto it, when they spot a plane flying overhead. They try to get its attention, but it gets shot out of the sky and crash-lands off in the distance. Back in the present, Walczak and the other thief are in Tockman's lair, with Walczak sticking by his decision to bolt even as Tockman insists he should've had patience and trusted in the plan. Walczak then demands the money he's owed for the job, but instead gets stabbed repeatedly with a clock hand for his trouble. Meanwhile, at the Queen mansion, the Lances, minus Laurel, arrive for Sara's welcome home party. Oliver calls Laurel, leaving a voicemail asking her to come to the party even though she's mad at Sara. Overhearing, Quentin says that Laurel just needs some time, just like he'd needed time when Oliver had returned home from Lian Yu. Using that as a segue, Quentin apologizes for how he'd treated Oliver after his return. The two then get back to the party, with Oliver sharing a tense moment with his mother while Quentin shares a tender moment with Dinah regarding Sara's return. Just then, Quentin gets a call about a homicide in the Glades, and excuses himself. Oliver receives the same call from Felicity, before sharing a look with Sara. After changing into their vigilante outfits, the two of them meet Quentin in the Glades, where Walczak's body had been found. Quentin fills them in on the break-in at Kord Enterprises earlier, mentioning that Walczak and his accomplise had gotten away with a high-tech skeleton key. Apparently already familiar with the device, Oliver informs them that the key was meant as a code-breaking tool, and that Queen Consolidated had been working on something similar, only to shut it down when Oliver had realized it could be modified to open a bank vault. Quentin mentions that Walczak was a small-time thief who probably wasn't smart enough to use the device, meaning he had to have had outside help during the break-in. Oliver agrees, emphasizing that they need to find the brains behind the operation.

Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity is working out with one of Oliver's punching bags, when Sara returns, already changed out of her Canary outfit. She tries to give Felicity some advice on self-defense, but Felicity doesn't seem to want her help. Just then, Oliver and Dig return, asking for an update on the skeleton key. Felicity informs them that it's taking some time, as Walczak's mysterious accomplice is very good at covering his tracks. Meanwhile, in an island flashback, Oliver, Sara, and Slade reach the downed plane, finding the plane's radio damaged and the pilot alive but badly injured. Sara sends Oliver and Slade to get medical supplies from the fuselage, while she herself stays with the pilot. In the meantime, back in the present, Quentin lets himself into Laurel's apartment. He announces that he's throwing a family dinner in the hopes of getting back together with Dinah, and wants Laurel to put aside the awkwardness with Sara. Not only does Laurel agree, but she offers to host the dinner in her apartment. Just then, Quentin gets a call about a break-in in progress at Widmere Bank. Apparently having received the same call, Oliver and Sara show up to interrupt the heist. Felicity manages to track Tockman's location to an alley behind the bank, but Tockman hacks their transmission, informing them that a bus is on a collision course with a train, taunting that even Oliver can't be in two places at once. So, while Sara goes after Tockman, Oliver and Felicity try to stop the bus and train from colliding. Unfortunately, Tockman prevents Felicity from either lowering the train crossing barriers or hacking into the bus's radio system to warn them. So, speeding his motorcycle ahead of the bus, Oliver places himself between the bus and the train tracks. The bus driver slams on the brakes to avoid hitting Oliver, just as the train roars past behind him. Sara, meanwhile, manages to wound Tockman with a metal pipe, snagging a sample of his blood for the team to analyze.

Later, at Verdant, Oliver and Sara are watching a news report on Tockman's latest exploits, the media having already dubbed Tockman the 'Clock King,' when Thea approaches, asking to speak with her brother. She demands to know why Oliver seems to be avoiding their mother lately, and when he lies that he's not, she points out that secrets are what pushed their family apart in the first place. Oliver, however, continues to assure his sister that everything's fine. Thea doesn't entirely buy it, but she doesn't push the matter further. Oliver then heads down to the Arrowcave, where he asks for an update on Tockman and the skeleton key. Felicity informs him that Tockman had somehow hacked into their frequency, but that she's now upgraded their firewall so as to prevent another attack. Sara, meanwhile, analyzes Tockman's blood using Felicity's equipment, making Felicity feel useless. They find that he has MacGregor's Syndrome, a rare genetic defect that actually helps them I.D. Tockman. Turns out, Tockman used to be an encryption engineer for Kord Industries, and he's stealing the money for his sister, who has cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant. Felicity manages to track down Tockman's address, but when Oliver and Sara get there, all they find is a device putting out some kind of a signal. Felicity tries to trace the signal, only to realize it's a trap and that Tockman is piggybacking on their network. As Dig looks on, Tockman taunts Felicity and the team, before frying their computers, causing them to combust while knocking out power in the Arrowcave. Sparks fly, just as Dig pulls Felicity away from the computers.

Returning to the Arrowcave, Oliver and Sara find Dig and Felicity sifting through the ruined equipment, seeing what can be salvaged. Apparently, Tockman uploaded a virus that essentially told their computers to commit suicide. Oliver mentions that since he and Sara had foiled the heist at Widmere Bank, Tockman will be looking for another score. Offering up his family's money as bait, Oliver asks Felicity to contact Walter about liquidating some assets and placing the cash in Oliver's vault at Starling National. Sara then asks what she can do to help, but as there's nothing there for her to do, Felicity insists she go to her family dinner. Sara asks Oliver to accompany her, and Oliver reluctantly agrees. As the two head off, Dig comforts Felicity, who blames herself for failing to stop Tockman's attack. She wonders why they even need her when they have Sara, to which Dig assures Felicity that she's irreplaceable. At Laurel's, meanwhile, Sara and Oliver arrive together, much to Laurel's annoyance. They lie that they ran into each other, and that Sara had invited Oliver to come have some of Quentin's famous chicken cacciatore. However, Quentin arrives with pizza just then, apparently having had a mishap with the oven. As they're sitting down to dinner, Quentin asks if Dinah's going to quit her job at Central City University and come back to Starling, and that's when she reveals that she has a special someone back in Central City, dashing his hopes of the two of them getting back together. Sara congratulates her mom, saying that everyone deserves to be happy and sharing a look with Oliver that doesn't go unnoticed by Laurel. Angry, Laurel calls out Sara for already being back with Oliver, before turning her venom on Quentin for thinking Dinah was just waiting around for him all this time. She then storms out of her own apartment, telling everyone to let themselves out when they're done. Meanwhile, in another flashback to the island, Sara talks with the dying pilot, who pulls out a picture of his daughter. He explains that with him gone, she'll be left with no one to look after her. Giving the picture to Sara, he makes her promise that once she gets off the island, she'll make sure his daughter's okay. Back in the present, meanwhile, Laurel is still in the middle of storming out, when Oliver catches up to her out in the hallway. She accuses him of ruining her relationship with her sister, and while he does take the blame for that, he points out that she's not the only one with family issues and that she has no one but herself to blame for her losing her job or for developing a drug and alcohol problem. He says he's always stood by her, even when she was trying to get his mother the death penalty, but that now, he's just done caring about her. Later, he returns with Sara to the Arrowcave, only to find Felicity gone. Felicity calls Oliver just then, reporting that she's traced Tockman's signal to Starling National, Tockman having already taken the bait. While that is good news, Oliver is not pleased to hear that Felicity is also at Starling National.

Later, still at Starling National, Felicity is surprised by Dig, Oliver and Sara, the latter two having taken the time to change into their crime-fighting attire. While Oliver goes to deal with Tockman's men, Felicity tries to use the bank's computers to trace the skeleton key back to Tockman. However, he makes his presence known, revealing that he's just shut off the city's gas main release, which will blow up three square blocks if the pressure isn't released. Dig leaves to take care of it, while Oliver single-handedly dispatches Tockman's men. Felicity, meanwhile, realizes that in hacking into the city's network to blow them up, Tockman inadvertently gave her a way to track him. As Dig is fixing the gas main, Felicity and Sara manage to track down Tockman's location nearby. Seeing them coming, Tockman tries to shoot Sara, but Felicity pushes her out of the way, taking a bullet in the shoulder. Tockman desperately insists that the money's not for himself, but that he's doing all of it for his sister. Sara retorts that it still doesn't make it right, and as they're talking, Felicity hacks into Tockman's cellphone, uploading the same virus he'd used on their computers, frying his phone and sending out sparks that knock him to the floor. Sara reports that he's not dead, just unconscious, much to Felicity's relief.

Back at the Arrowcave, Sara tends to Felicity's shoulder, while Oliver and Dig have their backs turned so as to allow Felicity privacy. Oliver asks if Felicity's sure she doesn't want to go to the hospital, and she refuses since no one else on the team ever goes to the hospital. Besides, she says, Dig already gave her some oxycodone for the pain, though she's under the impression that they were aspirins. As Sara's patching up Felicity, she thanks the I.T. girl for saving her life, and Felicity in turn thanks her as she's always wanted to be able to say she's taken a bullet for someone. Even better: the wound will leave her with her very own scar. Then, with Sara's work done, Sara heads upstairs while Oliver goes to have a talk with Felicity about her feeling left out lately. She says she's just used to being his girl, and while she tries and fails to clarify her professional, non-romantic meaning, he assures Felicity that she'll always be his girl. Then, heading upstairs to Verdant, he catches up with Sara, finding her behind the bar, mixing drinks. She announces that Thea just hired her on as the new bartender, apaprently having had some bartending experience in college. She and Oliver share a celebratory kiss, just as Oliver receives an emergency text from Thea, telling him to come home. Just as Oliver's leaving, though, Laurel arrives to speak with Sara. She explains that she's been metaphorically drowning ever since the Queen's Gambit went down, and that seeing Sara alive made her realize that she's been dead inside. Laurel then pleads with her sister not to hate her, to which Sara responds with a hug, the two sharing a moment. Afterwards, Sin finds Sara in the back room, crying. Sara explains that they're good tears, and assures Sin that while things are good between her and Laurel now, she still has room for Sin as her little sister. They hug, before Sin heads off to go look for Roy. Sara then pulls out the picture of the pilot's daughter, revealing it to be Sin. Meanwhile, in an island flashback, Oliver and Slade return with medical supplies, only to find the pilot dead. Sara's ready to give up hope of ever making it off the island, when Oliver finds the pilot's parachute, and realizes that they now have a way onto Ivo's freighter. Back in the present, Quentin is attending an AA meeting, when he's pleasantly surprised to see Laurel arrive and take a seat across from him. At the Queen mansion, meanwhile, Oliver finds Moira in the middle of a meeting and Thea nowhere to be seen. Oliver realizes Thea tricked him to get him to talk to Moira, as she's picked up on the tension between the two. He assures Moira that he's kept her secret, if only for Thea's sake, and just as he goes to leave, a voice from the other room chimes in, asking Moira if everything's okay. That's when Oliver learns his mother was actually in a meeting with Slade Wilson. For Moira's sake, Slade acts as if they've never met, and Oliver plays along, shaking his hand while looking like he's seen a ghost.