Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen

Species: Human

Known Aliases: Tommy, Kapot/Kapiushon (both Russian for "hood"), Luchnik (Russian for "archer"), The Vigilante, The Hood, The Arrow, Al Sah-him (Arabic for "arrow"), Green Arrow, Inmate 4587, The Flash (alternate reality)

Appearances: Arrow: S1 - S7; The Flash: S1: Pilot, Flash vs. Arrow, Rogue Air; S2: Flash of Two Worlds (news footage), Legends of Today; S3: Invasion!; S4: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3; S5: Elseworlds, Part 1; Legends of Tomorrow: S1: Pilot, Part 1, Star City 2046; S2: Out of Time, Invasion!; S3: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4, Daddy Darhkest (news footage); Supergirl: S3: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1; S4: Elseworlds, Part 3

Family: parents, Robert and Moira Queen; ex-stepfather, Walter Steele; half-sisters, Thea Queen and Emiko Adachi; wife, Felicity Smoak; son, William Clayton; daughter, Mia Smoak; parents-in-law, Donna Smoak and Noah Kuttler

Bio: Born May 16, 1985, Oliver Queen is the only son of billionaires Robert and Moira Queen, and, as he was later to learn, the only child of both, despite growing up with a younger sister. In his youth, he and his childhood friend Tommy Merlyn had partied constantly, usually with different women on their arms, earning themselves reputations for being billionaire playboys. Oliver had even gotten into trouble with the law a few times, driving under the influence on one occasion and assaulting a paparazzo on another. By 2007, he'd entered into an exclusive relationship with another childhood friend of his, Laurel Lance, although he'd cheated on her with both her sister Sara and a college classmate of Oliver's by the name of Samantha Clayton. The latter had started out as a one-night stand that had resulted in pregnancy, and his mother Moira had payed Samantha to go away, as she'd known Oliver wasn't ready to be a father. So, Samantha had lied to Oliver, saying she'd miscarried, and had moved back to Central City to raise their son William by herself. Shortly after finding out about the "miscarriage," Oliver had invited Sara Lance to accompany him on his father's yacht, the Queen's Gambit, but as the yacht had been sabotaged, it had gone down in the North China Sea, leaving only Oliver, Robert, bodyguard Dave Hackett, and (unbeknowest to Oliver) Sara as survivors. However, Robert had given Oliver a notebook full of names, before taking Dave's life and then his own in order to ensure Oliver's survival. Oliver had then washed up on the shore of Lian Yu, an island whose name means 'purgatory' in Mandarin. There, he'd found various mentors who had helped him to survive, including Yao Fei, Yao Fei's daughter Shado, Slade Wilson, and Anatoly Knyazev, but also his fair share of enemies, such as Edward Fyers, Anthony Ivo, Baron Reiter, and Conklin. After his first two years on the island, he'd found himself in Hong Kong, where he'd been forcefully recruited by Amanda Waller to use the skills he'd acquired on the island to work for her and her organization, A.R.G.U.S. She'd placed him in the care of Maseo Yamashiro and his family, threatening to kill them if Oliver had tried to contact his loved ones back in Starling City. A year later, after Oliver and Maseo had failed to keep a bioweapon contained, Amanda had sent him back to the island in order to infiltrate Baron Reiter's cartel. In the process, Oliver had befriended Taiana Venediktov, a dive instructor whose brother had been killed by Oliver under unfortunate circumstances. Oliver had also uncovered a mystical artifact that could grant someone dark magic, and unfortunately, had had to kill Taiana after she'd taken the power of the artifact into herself. As part of a promise he'd made to her beforehand, though, he had then headed to Russia to infiltrate the Bratva and kill Konstantin Kovar, the leader of a criminal organization that had rivaled the Bratva and a man who had taken over Taiana's village. After bringing Kovar to Lian Yu, Oliver had killed him, finally fulfilling his promise to Taiana. Afterwards, Oliver had caught the attention of a pair of fisherman his friend Anatoly had arranged for him to travel with. Having been "discovered" by the fisherman, Oliver returned home, vowing to punish those poisoning his city.

Played By: Stephen Amell & Jacob Hoppenbrouwer (young Oliver)

Young Oliver
(Jacob Hoppenbrouwer)

Alternate Earths

Oliver Queen (Earth-2)

Oliver Queen (Earth-X)